Eddie Van Halen

EVH products have certainly come a long way since early 2007, when the first Wolfagang® guitar model became available. The lineup has steadily grown to include several distinctive Wolfgang models and Striped Series guitars, a formidable array of 5150III® amplifiers and cabinets, and a wide selection of premium accessories. And all along, every single item, from the most imposing stack to the smallest pick, lives up to the original EVH premise: You can use what he uses. You can have the exact same gear that he has. In the beginning, back in the late 2000s, that’s exactly what he wanted, and that devotion to sharing his quest for tone continues stronger than ever today.
Of course, he is Eddie Van Halen, and he remains totally involved in every single facet of bringing you the instruments, amps and accessories that bear his initials. With greater conviction than ever, Eddie remains dedicated to each and every aspect of EVH, because he understands as few others do, that tone is a journey and has a destination. He’s chased it all his life–an electrifying pursuit unlikely to ever end–and what he’s learned, he’s here to share with you and help you on your journey, too.

Collaborators: Eric Fairchild

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